9MUSES Kyungri airport fashion 161215

Kyungri of Nine Muses arriving at Incheon Airport all covered up on December 15. The group was back from Okinawa, Japan. Not sure what’s the trip for.

9MUSES Kyungri airport fashion 161215

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Uee Chum Churum Cool advertisement 2010

[Flashback] Uee of After School modelling for Chum Churum Cool rice wine in 2010. Soju is a Korean distilled beverage containing ethanol and water. It is usually consumed neat and often considered as Korea’s most popular alcoholic beverage. Many popular soju brands feature celebrities as their product endorsers.

Uee Chum Churum Cool soju advertisement 2010

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Korean Girl Groups Reboot

First post on this blog, a reboot of the old which I wrote with a few friends during our school years. The blog gone down after a couple of years as we moved on to different things, college and working etc.

I still followed lots of Kpop acts and girl groups after that, and recently I’ve found new interest in the boom of new idol groups like Twice and GFriend etc. and decide to write a new blog, this time entirely on my own, to share photos and information of Korean girl groups.

I’ll try to include updates on most of the groups which I am at least mildly interested in. I’ll also post some old stuff from the previous site and from around the web, including some groups which are disbanded or no longer active.

Thanks for reading. Hope this blog will be a fun one for everyone ^.^